General Guidelines

Hours of Work :

The District has adopted an eight-hour workday and a five-day workweek of forty (40) hours. The workweek is from Saturday at 12:00 a.m. through Friday midnight. Salaried employees work a minimum of 37 hours per week not to exceed 40 hours for the workweek.

Paydays :

Employees are paid semi-monthly, on the 15th and the last working day of the month.

Flex Time :

Flextime allows for an Administrator to adjust the employee’s schedule to meet the forty hours in the workweek. It must be approved in advance by the Administrator. Flextime is only allowed within the same workweek and to reduce overtime.


Unauthorized Work :

The Administrator is responsible for ensuring that non exempt employees adhere to their assigned work schedule and do not work excess hours without authorization.

The reason for the work is immaterial; as long as the employer “suffers or permits” employees to work on its behalf, proper compensation must be paid. ( 29 CFR Sec. 785.11)

Extended Calendar Days :

Non exempt employees are not permitted to work before or after their calendar year without prior written approval from the Superintendent or his designee.

Administrators cannot change work calendars without authorization from the Business Office.

Direct Deposit :

Employees must submit a signed Payroll Direct Deposit Authorization Form and return it to the Payroll Department. A personal check marked “VOID” must be submitted in order to verify transit routing number and account number.

The Direct Deposit Authorization Form is effective immediately.

If more than one account is requested, the employee must designate the amount or percentage to be placed in each account.

The employee must notify the Payroll Department before closing any accounts at least ten (10) business days before payday. If funds are rejected for an invalid or closed account, replacement checks will not be processed until seven (7) banking days after payday.

Form W-4 :

All employees are required to prepare and submit a Form W-4 when hired. A new W-4 is required whenever the employee has a change in status.

When requesting a name change the employee must show a new Social Security card with the new name.

The filing of a false W-4 may be seen as tax evasion. [U.S. v. Williams (5th Cir., 1991) No. 90-5569]

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