Bus Rules

  1. Students must be ready to board the bus at designated bus stops. The bus driver cannot wait for students.
  2. The driver may assign seats. The student will remain in that seat until instructed otherwise by the bus driver.
  3. Student will not extend any part of their body or any article out of the window whether or not the bus is in motion. Students will not spit or throw any object inside or outside of the bus.
  4. Students are under the authority of Aransas Pass ISD. Students will not be allowed off a bus at a stop other that their school or regular stop unless authorized in writing by their parents and approved by the principal or they have gone through the transportation office.
  5. Students shall not carry any weapons, explosives (such as fireworks), knives, water guns, pointed instruments or any other objects that could be considered dangerous or could conflict with the safety of the driver or students.
  6. Students will not engage in verbal abuse, name calling, sexual harassment, ethnic or racial slurs or derogatory statements.
  7. Students will not have possession of tobacco in any form. All such items will be taken up by the driver.
  8. Students will not make any loud, unusual noises or participate in horseplay,or teasing of any kind.
  9. Students will keep the aisle clear. Keep your belongings in your lap where they can’t slide or fall. This includes books, book bags, band instruments, coats, etc.
  10. Live animals, insects will not be allowed.
  11. The emergency door is not to be used to enter or exit the bus except in an emergency.
  12. Bus drivers are not responsible for items left on the bus.
  13. Dress code will be enforced.
  14. Students will not be allowed to stand or move around on the bus while it is in motion.
  15. Food or drinks will not be consumed on the bus.
  16. Expectant mothers are required to ride in front of the school bus for safety reasons.
  17. Students must leave all things in their back pack, such as pencil, pens, markers, colors etc.
  18. Bus drivers are required to report any misconduct to the Transportation Manger for disciplinary action.
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